Lots of moving parts

This spring students made iMovies about the geography of India (I have in the past assigned brief presentations about this, which was typically met with groans).  Working with partners they were required to research their geographic feature and present information via iMovie.  The thing that I was most struck by (aside from their movies being so much better than my sample) was the number of other resources that they used to create their movies.  Here’s the list of apps: Notes, Moodle, National Geographic Atlas, Adobe Ideas, Camera, YouTube, KeyNote and Puppet Pal.  They also used sticky notes, the textbook and created written scripts.  A good project that will improve as I begin to develop rubrics for what I really want these to look like.


About diaryoftheipadteachers

We are a team of 5th grade teachers in Denver, Colorado teaching at a private school embarking on a year long journey with a 1:1 iPad pilot for our students. This means every student and teacher has their own iPad 2 for the 2011-2012 school year. In this blog, the team of MESH teacher (Math, English, Science, History) will share their successes and challenges, thoughts and ideas with regards to this pilot. We'll share resources and ideas for integrating technology into the classroom and hopefully gain some followers who learn and share with/from us.
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