Template Junky

I love these things; it’s like the format is all set for the students and they just have to go out and gather the information.  A template on Pages is like “instant scaffolding” for their note-taking, only better.  Students used the real-estate flyer template to sell a parcel of land in ancient Mesopotamia, using ideas about why people settled there and how life was better than in other parts of the world.  They recently created resumes for one of four Egyptian pharaohs that are profiled in the textbook, citing their accomplishments and goals for a new kingdom.  And Pages is great because they can easily add pictures, graphics, you name it!

On the non-template front, students are using the National Geographic Atlas App to take informal geography quizzes during class.  I ask them to locate different areas on the map, zoom in and hold them up for me to see.  Beautiful!



About diaryoftheipadteachers

We are a team of 5th grade teachers in Denver, Colorado teaching at a private school embarking on a year long journey with a 1:1 iPad pilot for our students. This means every student and teacher has their own iPad 2 for the 2011-2012 school year. In this blog, the team of MESH teacher (Math, English, Science, History) will share their successes and challenges, thoughts and ideas with regards to this pilot. We'll share resources and ideas for integrating technology into the classroom and hopefully gain some followers who learn and share with/from us.
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